Spiritual Principles

  • 139: Spiritual Principle – Commitment (Sort Of)
    This month we are talking about the spiritual principle of commitment. Jenny joins us to examine what commitment is, how it might be different than any other choice we make, and how to practice commitment. Commitment can seem like a lifelong decision, or an eternal choice, but maybe commitment is softer and more like choosing […]
  • 131: Spiritual Principle – Courage (Sort Of)
    We are talking about courage today. What is courage? How would we develop and strengthen courage? Is it a process of being braver? Or is courage what happens when we practice other spiritual principles? We define what courage is not, which is not having fear, courage is walking through fear. Is courage a good thing […]
  • 127: Spiritual Principle – Willingness (Sort Of)
    What is willingness? The ability to be willing? Being willing? The readiness to do something? How do we actually practice willingness? Is there a tactic to be more willing? Can we possible make ourselves more willing that we are? Is the answer to just keep doing the wrong thing until we are ready to do […]
  • 121: Spiritual Principle – Openmindedness (Sort Of)
    Continuing our dive into spiritual principles, we focus this month on openmindedness. We explore the world of having an open mind. Are you openminded? How many people think they are closeminded? I bet very few people think they have a closed mind, and yet, we encounter so many people that are not open to new […]
  • 118: Spiritual Principle – Honesty (Sort Of)
    Just get honest! Or is that always the best way to go about life? Is honesty a principle that we are meant to practice in all our endeavors? Or is honesty a virtue, where the goal isn’t honesty 100% of the time, but to find a balance? We explore the concept of honesty, some of […]
  • 59: Are You As Open-Minded As You Think You Are? (Sort Of)
    11/29/20 You’re open-minded, right? But are you really open-minded? 95% of people think they are more open-minded than average, which means that a lot of us overestimate our open-mindedness. Did you know that being open-minded is actually being receptive to arguments? Or that most close-minded people are closed to the idea that they might be […]
  • 43: Honesty, Is It Really The Best Policy? (Sort Of)
    8/9/20 We talk about honesty and how we may not be applying it in ALL of our lives. Maybe we are willing to lie to institutions. Maybe we are willing to tell small lies. Maybe we will lie when it doesn’t harm anyone else. Maybe we will lie to save others from harm. Maybe we […]