68: Tradition 1 – Our Common Welfare Should Come First; Personal Recovery Depends on NA Unity (Sort Of)

This year we are going to examine the traditions and how they apply to life inside and outside the 12 step program life. Sounds incredibly boring, for sure, but hopefully we can find connections and ways to make it interesting. We explore themes such as “does having a singular purpose in our program ensure unity?”, “can you have unity without having a common goal?”, “is unity a spiritual principle, or the outcome of working spiritual principles?” and “is there a time when it makes more sense to not act in unity?” How often have you thought about the goals or purpose of your family? Or your community? Or country? Amazing that we don’t ever consider what the goal or purpose of our family is, much less what other members of our families think the goal or purpose is, and what goal or purpose actually unites us. Maybe this is why family units struggle to find unity, they are all working towards a different goal. Listen in and see if you agree with the idea of how unity works.