20: Step Three – Made a Decision To Turn Our Will And Our Lives over to the Care of God as We Understood Him (Sort Of)

3/1/20 We talk about step 3.  Breaking down the ideas of “making a decision” and “turning over our will and our lives to the care of god” for someone who might have never heard of recovery or addiction.  Helping someone who might not understand the process of the 12 steps to possibly relate it to how they could use it in their life.  We include some 3rd step takes from social media, and conclude with our personal takes on step 3.

17: Step Two – We Came To Believe That a Power Greater Than Ourselves Could Restore Us To Sanity (Sort Of)

2/9/20 We invite our first guest co host, Steve, on to talk about step 2. We break down the concepts of “power greater than” and “restoration to sanity” for the newer member, or someone who has no experience with 12 step programs. We speak about the process of coming to believe, what sanity might be, the principle of openmindedness and the principle of hope.

12: Step One – We Admitted That We Were Powerless Over Our Addiction, That Our Lives Had Become Unmanageable (Sort Of)

1/5/20 We are talking Step 1 and all that goes with it, honesty, powerlessness, surrender, acceptance, unmanageability, and more.