Author: Jenny Hasted

  • Have you been helped?

    Have you been helped?

    I think it’s pretty much universally agreed upon by those of us recovery that asking for help is hard. Someone mentions the gruesome deliberation it took to get to that […]

  • Born this way? Really?

    Born this way? Really?

    It’s April, and it’s my birth month. Our family tradition is to go out to eat for birthdays, and this year I chose a local waterfront restaurant we know and […]

  • “The Bigger Picture”

    “The Bigger Picture”

    It’s March and I saw the Oscars are coming up. There was a time when I anticipated the Academy Awards like a football fan does the Super Bowl. Year round […]

  • Recovery Crush

    Recovery Crush

    I had a crush in recovery. That’s kind of a problem, because I’m married and I really love my husband and family, so what’s a gal in sobriety to do? […]

  • When Smoking Didn’t Cause Cancer

    When Smoking Didn’t Cause Cancer

    Remember when smoking cigarettes didn’t cause cancer? I mean like back in the 40s and 50s when everyone, men, women and children smoked with no anticipated health consequences? Doctors prescribed […]