Author: Jenny

  • Dirt Therapy and Spiritual Growth

    Dirt Therapy and Spiritual Growth

    Summer is peaking and every year I’m still fascinated by how green and full the landscape gets, as if seeing it for the first time. Bushes crowd roadsides, trees cast […]

  • Be Where Your Feet Are

    Be Where Your Feet Are

    “I didn’t start running till I was 40!” That’s one of my favorite personal humblebrags. I was never a very athletic person. I did sports in high school, but only […]

  • Have you been helped?

    Have you been helped?

    I think it’s pretty much universally agreed upon by those of us recovery that asking for help is hard. Someone mentions the gruesome deliberation it took to get to that […]

  • Born this way? Really?

    Born this way? Really?

    It’s April, and it’s my birth month. Our family tradition is to go out to eat for birthdays, and this year I chose a local waterfront restaurant we know and […]

  • “The Bigger Picture”

    “The Bigger Picture”

    It’s March and I saw the Oscars are coming up. There was a time when I anticipated the Academy Awards like a football fan does the Super Bowl. Year round […]

  • Recovery Crush

    Recovery Crush

    I had a crush in recovery. That’s kind of a problem, because I’m married and I really love my husband and family, so what’s a gal in sobriety to do? […]

  • When Smoking Didn’t Cause Cancer

    When Smoking Didn’t Cause Cancer

    Remember when smoking cigarettes didn’t cause cancer? I mean like back in the 40s and 50s when everyone, men, women and children smoked with no anticipated health consequences? Doctors prescribed […]