Mental Health podcast centered around 12 step recovery and related topics. We talk about spiritual living, living with addiction and growing in the 12 steps.

  • 160: Marijuana Legalization (Sort Of)
    With many states enacting medical marijuana laws at this point, and most of those also having recreational marijuana laws, we thought it was time to explore the legalizing marijuana debate. We explore some of the topics around the idea of marijuana legalization. Some of the research has conflicting results, but we talk through some of […]
  • Homage to the Recovery (Sort of) Podcast
    Below is a speech I wrote for the 2022 Voices of Hope Annual Gratitude Banquet. I presented a ‘Gratitude Award’ to Billy and Jason for generously donating their time and funds to help people in recovery from addiction. It’s part ode, part fangirling, part summary of their three year history. —- Hi! I’m Jenny Hasted. […]
  • 159: Your Story is Yours (Sort Of)
    Ever thought your life would make for a good book? We have Bruce come on to discuss the book written about his life. We explore what motivates someone to think a book would be useful? What intention goes into a process like this? If a book about your life is against the 11th tradition. Going […]

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Ever thought about writing a book about the story of your life? We talk with Bruce about his new book, “Don’t Count Me Out.” Listen in and give us your feedback, then go check out the book. #recovery

Ever wonder what the Recovery – Sort Of: The Podcast is all about? We did an episode to talk about what the show is. Listen in and share with your friends. #recovery

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