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105: Being of Service Outside of our Program (Sort Of) Recovery (Sort Of) – The Podcast

  1. 105: Being of Service Outside of our Program (Sort Of)
  2. 104: Tradition 10 – Narcotics Anonymous Has No Opinion on Outside Issues; Hence the NA Name Ought Never be Drawn into Public Controversy (Sort Of)
  3. 103: Working in Recovery – Where to Start (Sort Of)

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Waking up in the morning with 90 days sober! Also as of today I am now half way through my Outpatient Program. Gonna keep on progressing!!🎉🤩

When you found recovery, or “sobriety,” was it something you did, or was it something a higher power gifted to you?

I wanted recovery long before I could make it work. For me, something just shifted one day, and I don’t personally feel like it was something I did

Tradition 10. Super exciting. That’s sarcasm. #recovery

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