Mental Health podcast centered around 12 step recovery and related topics. We talk about spiritual living, living with addiction and growing in the 12 steps.
  • 146: Is Alcoholism Different than Drug Addiction? (Sort Of)
    We explore the question: Is alcoholism different than drug addiction? Further, are process or behavioral addictions different than drug addictions? Do these different ways of experiencing obsession and compulsion actually act differently in the body? Not the substances themselves, but the addictive process, or features? How does the half-life of alcohol possibly impact the difference? […]
  • Dirt Therapy and Spiritual Growth
    Summer is peaking and every year I’m still fascinated by how green and full the landscape gets, as if seeing it for the first time. Bushes crowd roadsides, trees cast thick shadows, grasses and shrubs spill into walkways, the colors and blooms evolve weekly – what a show! In my own yard, I have much […]
  • 145: Using Tragedy to Find Recovering Success (Sort Of)
    Martin joins us to discuss what it’s been like trying to recovery from substance use and also tragedy. We get into the shame that separates us from finding joy in our current lives. We talk about trying to stay on the positive side while being in a negative environment. We explore dealing with the unfairness […]

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364 days #sober ❤️ Words can’t describe how my life has changed! I’m living my best life at this moment in time. It’s absolutely amazing and beautiful! I am blessed! I am strong! #odaat #recoveryispossible

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