Mental Health podcast centered around 12 step recovery and related topics. We talk about spiritual living, living with addiction and growing in the 12 steps.
  • 140: Journaling (Sort Of)
    We are talking all about journaling. Jenny joins us to help us understand the benefits of journaling. Have you always thought journaling was just like keeping a diary of how you felt each day? Well there’s so much more to journaling. Artistic expression, keeping track of events, organization, lists, bullet points, etc. Journaling doesn’t even […]
  • 139: Spiritual Principle – Commitment (Sort Of)
    This month we are talking about the spiritual principle of commitment. Jenny joins us to examine what commitment is, how it might be different than any other choice we make, and how to practice commitment. Commitment can seem like a lifelong decision, or an eternal choice, but maybe commitment is softer and more like choosing […]
  • 138: Chronic Illness in Recovery – Some Are Sicker Than Others (Sort Of)
    What do you do when you find recovery, only to find out you have a chronic illness that will impact you the rest of your life? We have Drew join us to talk about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and what it’s like to try to adjust to a new life after adjusting to a life without […]

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