Mental Health podcast centered around 12 step recovery and related topics. We talk about spiritual living, living with addiction and growing in the 12 steps.
  • Have you been helped?
    I think it’s pretty much universally agreed upon by those of us recovery that asking for help is hard. Someone mentions the gruesome deliberation it took to get to that seat in their first meeting or rehab and everyone around the room smirks with a nod that says “BEEN THERE” in return. Why is it […]
  • 135: Making Death Part of Life (Sort Of)
    We are talking about death. Like, your death. And our death. Death is a topic that we mostly avoid as a society. Even when we see it happening before our eyes, it’s often the elephant in the room. Can we help normalize talking about death? We are all going to die. Can we get comfortable […]
  • 134: Spiritual Principle – Trust (Sort Of)
    The spiritual principle of trust. We continue to examine a spiritual principle each month. We delve into what trust is, how to practice trust, ways that might be useful to create more trust in our lives, and if there is an unhealthy level of trust. Just like some other spiritual principles, it seems there is […]

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My monthly blog is coming out later and later in the month. I just have been so busy! Kind of ironic maybe but this month’s topic is asking for help. @RecoverySortOf Have you been helped? https://recoverysortof.com/have-you-been-helped/

What is trust? We drive deep to explore what trust really is and how to practice to get more of it. Listen in and tell us your thoughts on trust #recovery https://recoverysortof.com/134-spiritual-principle-trust-sort-of/

I’ve come a long way.

But if the only thing I think about is that I’ve come a long way, I’ll miss all the opportunities for growth in how far I’ve yet to travel

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