Mental Health podcast centered around 12 step recovery and related topics. We talk about spiritual living, living with addiction and growing in the 12 steps.
  • Setting Boundaries Handout
    This is the packet of information that we used to do episode 153: Setting Boundaries (Sort Of). Listen in to the episode by clicking on the title, and follow along with the reading, or use the readings as a reminder after listening in.
  • 153: Setting Boundaries (Sort Of)
    Do you have boundaries? In today’s episode we explore the world of personal boundaries. We talk about why personal boundaries are important to your life. We look at signs that might show up in your life if you are needing to set some boundaries. We explain some of what we understand about why we suffer […]
  • 152: Is There Ever a Time to Shut Down Someone Sharing? (Sort Of)
    You know when you are in a meeting and THAT person shares? Yeah, that one. Do we ask people to stop sharing? Or shut down their share? If someone is clearly talking about a mode of recovery that is not the 12 step approach, is there benefit to stopping their share? We tend to think […]

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Do you have healthy boundaries? We are talking about boundaries, the why, when, how and what for. Listen in and share with us your experience with setting boundaries. #recovery

Ever felt like someone’s share was taking away from the atmosphere of recovery? Did you ask them to stop speaking? Listen in as we debate whether we should have boundaries around 12 step shares in a meeting #recovery

Can counting clean time be harmful? Do 12 step people use clean time as a purity test for others? Listen in as we talk counting clean time and tell us your thoughts #recovery

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